How to grow leeks

Leeks are related to onions and garlic, but they have a much milder taste. They have been the national symbol for Wales for over 100 years and can be spotted alongside the sunny daffodils on the lapels of Welsh People in March for St David’s Day.

Leeks are an easy vegetable to grow, so Miffy is planting some in Mother Bunny’s garden so they will be ready for the harvest!

Sowing the leeks is the first step. Start by crumbling potting compost into pots or trays. Gently pat pat pat the compost down then sprinkle the seeds very thinly, with about 2-3cm between each. Now, cover them over with a thin layer of compost and water them.

The soil needs to be kept a little damp, but just a few drops of water a day should be plenty for now. The little seedlings will do best on a sunny windowsill.

You will see the leeks grow and grow, but it’s important to wait until they are around 15-20cm tall before planting them in the ground. Remember, it’s also important to prepare your leeks for the outdoor weather, so pop them outside for a few hours a day before you plant them.

Begin planting your seedlings by poking holes that are about the same height as the stems into soft soil. It’s usually a good idea to dig over your soil before planting the leeks!

You can get a special tool for making the holes, but Miffy likes to use a broken spade handle… anything similar will do!

Make one hole for each plant. The holes should be about 15cm apart, with 30cm left between rows. That’s a whole ruler.

Now, carefully remove the leeks from their pots and very, very gently tease the roots apart. Be as careful as you can! Next, place the seedlings into the holes.

Remember, it’s important that the roots reach all the way down to the very bottom of the hole. Give them a helping hand if necessary!

With your leeks in position, fill the holes to the brim with water and leave to drain. Make sure not to fill in the holes – the soil will naturally fall back in with time, and this allows your leeks to grow nice and big and strong.

Now for the waiting game! Leeks are super easy to grow and only need occasional watering in very dry weather. While you have time to wait, read a Miffy book or watch an episode or five of Miffy’s Adventures on Tiny Pop TV!

When you think the leeks are big enough for dinner, it’s time to pull them up. Hold on tight and HEAVE until they pop out of the ground. Give them a quick wash and they’re ready for eating!


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