Discover the latest new Miffy Books – out now

Did you know that the classic Miffy books: miffy in the snow, miffy’s dream, and miffy the fairy have been republished and are now available in all good bookshops? How exciting!

Award-winning UK poet, Tony Mitton, worked together with Dick Bruna’s Dutch publisher to create updated versions of the classic Miffy stories. The new versions have the beautiful warmth and friendliness of the originals whilst maintaining a style that is Miffy through and through.



untitled untitled










Miffy in the snow

“When Miffy woke one morning
– Just look at that, she cried.
There’s been a fall of snow. Yippee!
Can I go outside?”

In this charming edition of the classic miffy in the snow book, which was originally written all the way back in 1963, Miffy enjoys a wonderful day in lovely, soft and fluffy snow.
One chilly winter’s day, our beloved Miffy wakes up to find a blanket of snow on the ground. Before heading out to enjoy the winter wonderland that awaits her, she makes sure she wraps up warm (as everyone should in cold weather). Dressed in her blue coat and red scarf, she goes on many wonderful adventures; sledging, ice-skating, and even making her very own snowman!
Although she is having lots of fun, she notices a little bird that is very cold and miserable – but don’t worry – Miffy comes up with an idea to cheer him up!


Snowman 2

Looking out windowIce skating








Miffy’s dream

Did you know that miffy’s dream is the only Miffy storybook to have no words? It is simply art and wonderment, and the lack of words leaves plenty of room for little ones to use their imaginations.
In this fascinating yet wordless story, Miffy dreams that she meets a bunny from a land far, far away. The two adorable bunnies play together high up in the clouds until they are too tired to keep their eyes open.

Then after a fun but tiring day of playing in the clouds, the new friends fall fast asleep.

miffy and melanie on cloud 5miffy and melanie on cloud moon miffy and melanie on cloud








Miffy the fairy

“If I could be a fairy,
thought Miffy, what a thrill!
I’d work all kinds of wonders
with my special magic skill.”


Miffy has always dreamt of being a fairy and casting magic spells. In this enchanting story you’ll discover all the things that Miffy would do if she had magic powers!
She starts off by transforming her home into a gigantic castle, and moves on to granting a sad little bird a beautiful colourful tail of reds, greens and blues. And as if that wasn’t enough she would also give a frog a crown, and plant a luscious apple tree in her garden.
What would you do if you had a magic wand for just one day?

miffy with magic wand 2miffy with magic wand miffy with magic wand 3








Christmas with Miffy
It’s Christmas soon, and Miffy is getting excited! Miffy loves Christmas, and is extra excited this year as she has her very own Christmas sticker book.
Filled with festive stickers galore, with the all-important Christmas tree, gifts, crackers to name but a few, the Christmas with Miffy sticker book guarantees hours of festive fun in the run up to and on Christmas day itself.
In this delightful activity book, you can colour in Miffy’s snowy outfit, decorate the Christmas tree, play spot the difference between two snowy scenes, write Miffy’s letter to Father Christmas and much much more!

Christmas Tree




All the books listed above are priced at £4.99 and are available from Waterstones and all good UK bookshops.




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