Christmas Traditions


Miffy loves her family’s Christmas traditions, and she wouldn’t have her Christmas any other way!

It all starts on Christmas Eve when the Christmas tree is put up in the living room. Miffy and Mr Bun & Mrs Bun then get out the boxes of decorations from the attic and they all decorate the tree together. Father Bun always lifts Miffy up so that she can put the angel on the top of the tree, and this has become one of Miffy’s favourite parts of Christmas.

Once the tree is decorated, they put stockings up by the fire and sing carols until bedtime! Every year, Miffy is allowed to open one special gift on Christmas Eve – which is so much fun! Miffy always loves presents that are for bedtime…. maybe a soft toy she can cuddle or a new bedtime story. You can add sparkle to Christmas for little ones by letting them open a present before bed on Christmas Eve.

Then they make sure to leave a carrot and a glass of milk on the mantelpiece for Santa and his reindeer before bed. They are always gone in the morning!?plush

Why not put your Christmas tree up on the same day each year and decorate it together so that it becomes a part of your Christmas tradition? There’s nothing stopping you from singing or playing Christmas carols while you decorate the tree too! Letting little ones put the star or angel on the top of the tree can be a great way of adding to the magic of Christmas, as can leaving out cookies and milk for Santa.bulb

Miffy wakes up every Christmas morning at 8 o’clock on the dot. It’s present time, after all! Miffy is always given at least one beautiful book in her stocking, and Mrs Bunny hopes that Miffy will pass these down to her children when she is all grown up. Miffy goes through her stocking and eats some early morning chocolate, and then makes sure that Mrs Bunny & Mr Bun are awake too by jumping up and down on their bed!

Instead of opening all of your gifts first thing on Christmas morning, why not just open your stocking and leave the bigger surprises until after lunch? This means that you’ll still have lots to look forwards to at the end of the day.presents

At midday it’s time for Miffy to put her apron on and help Mrs Bunny in the kitchen. It’s a bit of a messy job but Miffy loves baking (and eating!).

The smells of Christmas are an important part of the holiday, and Miffy looks forward to all the special Christmas food, from mince pies to Christmas pudding. She loves that they put a coin in the Christmas pudding each year, so that one of them can find it!

Laying the table is also another tradition which Miffy helps with – making sure it all looks pretty with the best plates, candles and Christmas crackers.window

After the walk, Mrs Bunny sits the family down in front of the warm fire with one of her favourite books, miffy in the snow, while Miffy plays quietly with her nativity set, which is brought out each year. Then all their friends and family come over in the afternoon including Aunt Alice, and they play board games until bedtime. Miffy just loves Christmas Day!

Why not make your Christmas extra special by creating some traditions for your little ones? From decorating the tree to singing carols together, developing your own Christmas rituals are part of what makes the day so special for children.

So why not make your own family traditions this year to add a little extra sparkle to Yuletide? From Christmas shopping trips to putting the angel on the tree, it’s the little things that make Christmas what it is!



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