Play Party Games

miffy and friends at aunt alice's party 4

On 21st June, Miffy is celebrating her 60th birthday and would love for you to join in with the party games! Here are some rules to make sure everybody plays fairly.

Basic CMYK

Pin the Tail on the Miffy
This is a great way to practice drawing your best Miffy – maybe she could be wearing a party dress! Don’t forget to make a fluffy tail because this is what you need to stick (with bluetak) onto your bunny. Make sure all of the little ones are blindfolded on their turn as they try their hardest to stick the tail on the Miffy in the right place. No peeping! The winner is the closest.

miffy dancing music

Musical Statues
Miffy just loves dancing around with her friends. But, when the music stops your little bunnies have to stand absolutely still… if anybody topples or tipples then they are out!


Pass the Miffy
This is one of Miffy’s favourite games because everybody wins something special! Wrap the same amount of layers as there are children, each time with something brilliant for them to win. Sit the children down in a circle, play some music and let the little ones pass their parcel around. Stop the music on each child so that they each unwrap a layer and win something for them to take home!

Miffy sitting on chair with doll

Musical Chairs
Put out one less pillow than there are children. The children have to dance around the pillows and when the music stops, hop onto a pillow as fast as they can. The last one left without a pillow has to sit out, a pillow is removed each time, and the last little Miffy left in is the winner.

miffy in bed sleeping

Sleeping Miffys
Near the end of the day, Miffy loves to wind down by playing Sleeping Miffys! It’s the perfect way for little ones to settle down after a long day of fun and games.

First thing’s first, all of your little Miffy’s need to put on their Miffy ears, lie down and pretend to be sleeping Miffys. Your job is to walk around and try and disturb them by talking or giving them a little tickle. They mustn’t make one peep – if they do then they are out and have to help you wake the other Miffys.


Miffy can’t wait for you to join in the party! She’s having hers on her Twitter profile on 19th June at 1pm so come along!


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