Miffy’s Adventures: Big and Small

Watch Miffy’s new TV show, Miffy’s Adventures: Big and Small from 7pm every day on Tiny Pop – Freeview (126), Sky (617) Virgin Media (737) and Freesat (605)

If you miss #Miffytime at 7pm, don’t fret as the same episodes will play at 7.30am the next morning #MiffyMornings


Here are the episodes on this week –

Friday 9th October
Miffy goes Bowling
When Grunty shows an unexpected knack for bowling, Melanie gets huffy. Miffy teaches her that everyone’s good at different things, and it’s better to learn from them than spite them.

Miffy and the Sandcastle
Miffy tries to make a sandcastle on the beach, but it keeps falling apart. Disappointed that Melanie’s sandcastle is much better, Miffy collects shells instead – and they turn out to be the perfect thing to decorate Melanie’s – now their – sandcastle.

Miffy's Adventures on Tiny Pop (22)

Saturday 10th October
Miffy and the Clouds
Miffy goes cloud-watching with Grandma. They have fun spotting different shapes, then Miffy is convinced that one shaped like Snuffy wants them to follow her. Come on Grandma, get moving!

Boris is Broken
Boris has, inevitably, fallen out of a tree and broken his arm. Miffy’s not at all sure she wants to see ‘Broken Boris’ in the hospital – but when a Doctor needs an assistant, ‘Doctor Miffy’ rises to the challenge!

Miffy's Adventures on Tiny Pop (23)

Sunday 11th October
Miffy and the Postcard
Uncle Pilot sends Miffy a postcard full of exciting news of his travels. She wants to send one back, but what has she got to write about? Fortunately a trip to the post office is full of excitement!

Miffy and the Crocodile
A mix up with school bags leads to Miffy spending the night with someone else’s toy – instead of her lovely soft teddy bear, she’s got Dan’s snappy crocodile! Can she learn to love something so different – and who’s REALLY got her teddy bear?

Miffy's Adventures on Tiny Pop (26)

Monday 12th October
Miffy and the Kite
Miffy wants to fly a kite with her friends, but it’s broken. A quest to get it repaired proves fruitless –but the people she helped along the way help her in return, and Boris makes her an amazing new kite.

Miffy, Queen of the Castle
Daddy has hired a bouncy castle for an end-of-term treat. Miffy, Melanie and Grunty all enjoy bouncing along – but Daddy wants a go too, let’s hope it can take his weight…

Tuesday 13th October
Grandma’s Pear Cake
Miffy learns that Grandma is known for her pear cake and wants to taste it. There’s one tiny problem – no pears! A trip to the market leads Miffy to invent the strawberry and carrot cake – will it be just as tasty?

Poppy’s Nature Hunt
Poppy takes Miffy and Grunty on a nature hunt – but when she ‘finds’ the prickly bush, she loses their map to the wind. Will they be able to find their way back home in time for tea?

Miffy's Adventures on Tiny Pop (5)

Wednesday 14th October
Miffy and the Lost Toy
When Dan’s new toy goes missing, Miffy helps him hunt for it. Grunty ‘just happens’ to have found an incredibly similar toy… She doesn’t want to accept that it’s Dan’s, it MIGHT be a different one! It’s up to Miffy to persuade her to do the right thing.

Aunt Alice is Poorly
When Aunt Alice is unwell, Miffy works hard to bring her things she might like to cheer her up. When Miffy catches Alice’s cold, Aunt Alice returns the favour.


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