Miffy Ears


Grunty loves dressing-up for parties! Sometimes she dresses-up so that she looks just like Miffy. Do you want to look like Miffy too?

What you need to make your Miffy ears:
Miffy ears template (below)
1 X A4 sheet of white cardboard

What you need to decorate your bunny ears:
Cotton wool
Coloured pencils, crayons or paints
Patterned fabric


How to make your bunny ears:
Print out the template above and carefully cut along the dotted lines. Then tape the two halves together and voila!

3How to decorate your bunny ears:
Now it’s time to decorate your Miffy ears. Grunty likes to keep his plain white, just like Miffy, but you can decorate your ears however you would like!

You could glue cotton wool all over them for a fluffy look, stick sequins on them for a festive feel, or shade them in your favourite colour with pencils or crayons – you could even draw pictures on them!

You could also use pieces of coloured felt to make them look fancy or stick feathers or patterned fabric on them.

Don’t forget to send us a photo of your Miffy ears on Twitter @Miffy_UK!



  1. Deb

    Hi, is there a PDF version of template above?


  2. Carla Andrade

    Hi, is there a PDF version of template above? Thank you


  3. ella

    hello can you please email me the template too? many thanks


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