10 Facts about Miffy

miffy writing a letter

Did you know that Miffy celebrated her 60th birthday this year?

Here are a few facts about this classic little bunny to celebrate her anniversary:

1. Dick Bruna, Miffy’s creator, first drew sketches of a little bunny to entertain his young son whilst on a rainy seaside holiday in Holland. Each night he made up stories about the bunny and Miffy was born.

2. Miffy’s official birthday is 21 June. She shares her birthday with Prince William, and was born the same year as Bill Gates. Dick Bruna was born in 1927, the Year of the Rabbit.

3. During her 60th birthday year (2015), Miffy helped promote Le Grand Depart of the 2015 Tour de France which was held in Utrecht.

4. The first Miffy book was published in 1955, and more than 30 stories have followed. More than 85 million Miffy books have been sold worldwide.

5. Nijntje is Miffy’s name in Dutch, and it means ‘little bunny’.

6. Dick Bruna created each of his Miffy illustrations by hand using pencil & black poster paint, together with coloured card. Often it could take Dick Bruna a whole day to get her expression just right.

7. The Miffy Art Parade – which ran throughout the Netherlands – raised over 500,000 euros for UNICEF.

8. Also as part of Miffy’s 60th celebrations, a premiere in London was held for the launch of ‘Miffy the Movie’, the first ever feature length film to star the bunny. The film can be downloaded on iTunes UK and Google Play.

9. Miffy stars in a new TV show Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small which airs in the UK on Tiny Pop every day at 7:30am and 7pm. The series stars Miffy and her friends exploring the world around them and enjoying fun adventures along the way.

10. From February 2016, a brand new interactive museum for families will open in Miffy’s home town of Utrecht. The Miffy Museum will allow children to discover the world around them whilst they play. http://www.miffymuseum.com


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