Miffy’s Adventures: Big and Small

Watch Miffy’s new TV show, Miffy’s Adventures: Big and Small from 7pm every day on Tiny Pop – available on the following: Freeview (126), Sky (617) Virgin Media (737) and Freesat (605)

If you happen to miss #Miffytime at 7pm, don’t worry! The same episodes will play at 7.30am the next morning #MiffyMornings

From helping Grunty overcome her fear of thunderstorms to making friends with a snail, Miffy has all sorts of fun adventures in the latest episodes. Here they are starting w/c 25th January:

Miffy's Adventures on Tiny Pop 17.jpg

25th January

Miffy takes the lead

Miffy, Melanie and Grunty play Follow My Leader.  After a few false starts, Miffy takes the lead – and ends up leading everyone on a massive, musical adventure!

Miffy and the thunderstorm

When a storm breaks out as they’re playing at Miffy’s house, Miffy discovers that Grunty is scared of thunder.  Can she convince her friend there’s nothing to be scared of?

26th January

Miffy at the library

Aunt Alice is helping out at the library, which means Miffy and Grunty get to help out too. The girls have a great time playing librarian, although their innovative book-filing system nearly leads to disaster!

Grunty, where are you?

Grunty is the worst hide and seek player in the world – until a misunderstanding suddenly makes her the BEST hide and seek player in the world.  Well, second best – the best is Snuffy who finally finds her!

Miffy's Adventures on Tiny Pop 12

 27th January

Uncle Pilot’s treasure map

Uncle Pilot turns Miffy’s hand-drawn map of the village into a treasure map that leads her to his plane – the most precious thing he has!  And Miffy’s reward is a trip through the clouds.

Miffy the waitress

At the summer fete, Miffy helps Poppy Pig run the refreshment stall by taking everyone’s orders.  But there’s such a lot of different things to remember!

 28th January

Miffy and the snail

Miffy makes friends with a snail while picking strawberries at Poppy’s house.  When it hitches a ride home with her, she realises she needs to find somewhere safe to re-home it.

 Miffy and the star

Miffy finds a star on the beach – has it fallen out of the sky?  No, it’s a starfish – and Miffy rides out in a boat with Boris to get it back to its family.

 Miffy's Adventures on Tiny Pop 9

29th January

Uncle Pilot’s imaginary plane

Uncle Pilot takes Miffy and her friends on an amazing aeroplane ride without leaving the front room!  You can go anywhere with a little imagination – just look out for imaginary pirates!

 Mummy’s secret party

Daddy is planning a surprise party for Mummy’s birthday.  All Miffy has to do is keep her out of the way while they get everything ready – how hard can it be?

 30th January

Grandpa and the ghost

Grandpa’s silly stories are very funny – until he accidentally convinces Miffy there’s a ghost in the wardrobe when she comes to stay the night!   With Grandma’s help, Miffy gets to sleep – and Grandpa gets taught a lesson!

 Boris on Ice

When Miffy finds out that Boris can’t ice-skate, she offers to help out.  Nothing seems to help – until Miffy realises that the chair Boris mended for her could come in handy…

 31st January

Miffy's Adventures on Tiny Pop 16

Miffy’s new bike

Miffy’s very proud of how fast she can go on her new bike – until she takes a tumble.  When she needs to go fast to come to Snuffy’s rescue, will she be brave enough to ride fast again?

 Miffy’s lucky dip

Miffy is running a lucky dip stall at the school fair – but when none of her friends pull out anything they want, it seems to be turning into an UN-lucky dip!  Can Miffy find a way to turn her fortune around?

 Don’t forget to tweet @Miffy_UK with your favourite parts when you watch Miffy’s Adventures, using the hashtag #Miffytime.


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