Grow Carrots

miffy with carrots in basket

Miffy loves gardening – she plants all sorts of things but carrots are her favourite. Daddy let her have her own garden to plant all sorts of scrumptious things so she puts her dungarees on and checks that everything is healthy each day!

Here are some easy steps for growing your own carrots:


Plant your seeds anytime between the first and second week of March, just before the last frost has passed. Make sure you choose a sunny spot so that they have enough shine to grow!


The ground needs to be nice and smooth, without any stones or weeds in the soil – they aren’t friends with carrots. Also avoid fresh compost and manure as they don’t help carrots grow; instead, they make the carrots get little side roots which we just don’t want! Plain soil will do just fine!

miffy with rake


Carrot seeds are tiny so you have to be careful when sprinkling them. Plant each seed 3-4 inches apart in rows… you can use a ruler to help you with this. Rows should be at least a whole adult foot apart.


Cover them up with soil so they keep warm but don’t forget that it will be summer soon so there’s no need to plant them too deeply – about half an inch of soil will do perfectly. Don’t forget to water the little seeds once every couple of days to make them grow up nice and strong!

miffy watering seeds


Your carrots will be ready in 50-60 days, so remember to make a note of when you planted them in your dairy. After about 2 weeks, you should see the green leaves start to shoot through the soil… you can watch the leaves getting taller and thicker until it is time to pull up your carrots and eat them!


Why not help Miffy grow carrots with the ‘miffy in the garden app? You can use the app to read ‘miffy’s garden’ out loud as well as playing several games with Miffy including Make Your Own Garden and Counting Carrots. ‘miffy’s garden’ book has been re-released with updated texts and is available from Waterstones and all good bookshops nationwide.


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