Easter Gifts


Miffy looks forward to Easter because it means that spring is just around the corner. She loves to visit the farm with Aunt Alice to see the baby animals being born, such as lambs, chicks and bunnies. They’re all so tiny and cuddly.

Miffy loves bringing home Easter gifts for her family so she has rounded up her top five non-chocolate Easter treats:


This Miffy coaster with lots of little ducklings makes a quacking gift for Easter. It’s £3 from the Miffy Shop.


This duck feather-filled faux suede cushion is extremely soft to touch and its bright colours and minimal design is perfect for giving your living room an Easter-bunny theme! It’s £40 from the Miffy Shop.

Truffle Shuffle - Miffy Vest -19.99 (2)

Spring has sprung which means summer could hop up on us at any time! Make sure you’re ready with this Miffy vest, £19.99 from truffleshuffle.co.uk.

Just Dutch Crochet Miffy Red

This cute handmade crochet Miffy is an ideal Easter gift for craft-lovers – you can even buy her different outfits! It’s £18 from the Miffy Shop.


This Miffy lamp hangs from the ceiling, providing soft lighting as well as a design statement in your child’s nursery or playroom. It’s £115 from the Miffy Shop.



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