Miffy Sun Catchers

Sun 3

Miffy loves it when the sun is shining in summer! Look what blogger The Gingerbread House has made for Miffy to hang up in her garden, ready for when the sun puts his hat on; Miffy sun catchers!

A sun catcher can be put up in your window and, when the sunlight shines on it, the colours will reflect all around the room. Miffy loves bright colours!


What you need to make Miffy sun catchers:

Printed image or drawing of Miffy
Coloured cellophane sheets
Sticky tape



Print out some photos of Miffy. Ask an adult to carefully cut out her dress making sure to cut along the lines! Then, take your coloured cellophane sheets and cut large squares which cover the space where Miffy’s dress was, giving her a new outfit!



Turn your Miffy pictures over and carefully stick the cellophane to the back so that it stays in place. Perfect! Miffy’s going to just love them.



Turn your Miffy images over again to make sure that the cellophane has lined up correctly. Do this with each Miffy picture and soon you’ll have enough for a whole garland!



Using string, tie your Miffy sun catchers into a garland and hang it up; it’s best to hang the garland in front of a window so that the sun catches it, and then look out for different coloured reflections of Miffy’s dress dancing on your wall!


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