8 Products that Miffy Loves

Here are eight of Miffy’s favourite products from the Miffy Shop:

Enamel Miffy Mug

  1. Enamel Miffy Mug

Featuring different illustrations from the classic Miffy books, these cute enamel mugs are perfect for use in the kitchen or for taking camping! Some of the designs also feature text from the Miffy stories.

You can buy your own Enamel Miffy Mug for £10 HERE.

Ceramic Coaster (12)

  1. Ceramic Miffy Coasters

Perfect for setting your enamel mug down on, the new ceramic Miffy coasters have little rubber feet so they don’t mark your table. They come in a range of classic illustrations so you can pick your favourite!

You can buy your own Ceramic Miffy Coaster for £5 HERE.


  1. Miffy Pegs

These pegs are great for crafty Miffy fans who love making and displaying their creations. The set comes with 15 wooden pegs, with Miffy wearing various pretty dresses.

You can buy your own Miffy pegs for £6 HERE.


  1. Musical Miffy Box

When wound up, this cute musical Miffy box plays Mozart’s Lullaby which is perfect for getting little ones to sleep. The two Miffys dance and twirl to the lullaby, too. Dum-de-dum!

You can buy your own musical Miffy Box for £25 HERE.


  1. Miffy Tooth Box

If you’re little one has recently lost a tooth, they can pop it in here ready for the Tooth Fairy to collect! Miffy will keep it safe and sound until then.

You can buy your own Miffy Tooth box for £7 HERE.MIFFY012

  1. Miffy Flannels

Scrub-a-dub-dub! These new Miffy flannels are great for bath time and come in a range of colours and designs. They can also be used as a screen wipe, to get rid of any unwanted marks on your computer screen. Perfect for Miffy fans of all ages.

You can buy your own Miffy Flannel for £5 HERE.

Snuffy Ride On (1)

  1. Snuffy Sitter

Snuffy is Miffy’s fun and playful canine friend who loves being adventurous! Bring Snuffy home with you and have your own adventures with her – she’ll also fit perfectly in the corner of your little one’s room and is stable so children can sit on her.

You can buy your own Snuffy Sitter for £125 HERE.


  1. Miffy Toy Boxes

When it’s time to tidy away your toys, this large toy box is ideal as a storage unit. It comes in both blue and pink designs and features adorable summer-themed illustrations which are bright and cheerful, perfect for brightening up a room.

You can buy your own Toy Box for £60 HERE.


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