How to get a little one to sleep

Miffy loves a good night’s sleep. She has lots of adventures in her dreams; from flying with Uncle Pilot to baking with Aunt Alice.

It can take her a little while to nod off to dreamland though, so Mother Bun follows the same routine each night to soothe Miffy to sleep.

To help get your little one to sleep, follow these simple steps.

1. Have a consistent bedtime routine: Irregular sleep times can make it difficult for your child to establish a consistent sleeping pattern. Taking your child to their bed at the same time each night will help get them into a regular routine.

2. Turn off the TV: The TV can be a big distraction for little ones and can make them feel more awake, when they should be getting ready for sleep. Keep the TV turned off 30-60 minutes beforehand so they know it’s approaching bedtime.

3. Keep it quiet: Silence can be golden, especially when it comes to bedtime. Avoid making any loud or sudden noises. If you have busy road outside your child’s room, try               playing soothing, calm music that will distract them from the traffic noise.

4. Put a low-level light on: Most people find it difficult to feel sleepy when there’s a bright light on in the bedroom. A night light is perfect for soothing little ones into a restful night’s slumber. The Miffy Night Light will have them counting bunnies in their dreams all night long.

5. Read a book: Enjoying a book together before bed will help ease your child to sleep and gives you a shared moment together – just you, them and the story. A picture book is the perfect way to do this; try a copy of ‘miffy’s dream’ for a dreamy, wordless story.

6. Talk in a calm, soothing tone: If you sound excitable and wide awake, it will make your child want to stay awake and not miss the fun! Keep your voice quiet and the tone of your voice calm and settling to help ease them off to sleep.

7. Keep it cool: Your child’s temperature can affect their sleep routine. If it’s too hot it will make it hard for your child to fall asleep, and could cause them to wake up in the middle of the night. Make sure the room is set to the right room (the ideal temperature 18-24 degrees), there is good ventilation and your child is wearing suitable sleepwear for the time of year.


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