Gifts for Easter

Miffy loves spending time with her family and friends during the Easter holidays – it’s so much fun!

We’ve rounded up the newest gifts from Miffy that are great to give loved ones this Easter, including the new Miffy Shop range and Primark bedding which is suitable for kids and adults!

  1. NEW Miffy Mugs

These beautiful china mugs are £10 each and can add some festive cheer to any kitchen! Find them HERE.

  1. NEW Miffy Art Prints

An array of new designs can be found on the always-popular art prints which are just £8 each. There are also square versions which are great for a child’s bedroom. Find them HERE.

  1. Corduroy Miffy

These luxury Corduory Miffys are 100% cotton, meaning they make the perfect cuddle companion! Suitable for fans of all ages, they come in a rainbow of colours like yellow, brown, cream, green, blue and grey. The Corduroy Miffys cost £20 each. Find them HERE.

  1. Miffy Bedding

Miffy Bedding - Primark (2)

Fans will hop with delight as the new Primark bedding range comprises of single (£18) and double (£20) duvets – which are reversible – a fleece blanket (£6) and this sweet square cushion (£5). The new selection of monochrome Miffy bedding sets are adorned with bursts of yellow, giving a pop to any room. Available from April in selected Primark stores.

  1. Miffy Baby GrowMorrisons baby grow - mid feb

If you know somebody who’s expecting or already has a little baby, the new baby grow from Nutmeg is a thoughtful gift to get them this Easter – it costs just £4 and can be found in selected Morrisons stores.

  1. Miffy Bookmarks

Mark the page of your favourite book with these new, beautiful bookmarks which come in a variety of colour palettes and designs. You’ll never forget which page you were on again! Each bookmark costs just £1. Find them HERE.


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