Games for a rainy day

miffy with toys

Spring is slowly starting to bloom but there are still some April showers falling from the sky. Miffy doesn’t mind the rain as there are lots of fun activities to do – here are some of the most fun things to do when it’s raining:

  1. Puzzles

Queen Miffy Puzzle, £15,

Making puzzles is such fun! Miffy loves finding out what picture will reveal itself – the best part is that you can do the puzzle all over again on another rainy day. The Miffy Deco Puzzle Castle has 24 pieces made of thick cardboard, making it perfect for little fingers.

  1. Baking

miffy biscuits

Miffy loves baking with Mother Bun – eating the tasty treats is her favourite part. Baking on a rainy day is always fun – especially when you’re making Miffy butter cookies! You can find a trusty apron to keep messes at bay, HERE.

  1. Arts & Crafts


Art is one of Miffy’s favourite subjects at school! The new Miffy Tin Art Case comes complete with crayons, felt-tips, pencils, rubber, ruler, scissors, stamps and lots more – ideal to keep a little one busy. They could even draw a picture of the rainy sky and grey clouds!

  1. Hide & seek

Basic CMYK

Miffy enjoys playing hide and seek with her friends so much. If you’ve never played before then the rules are simple – you just count to ten, all your friends hide and then you have to find them all! Peek-a-boo!

  1. Playdough

MIF-4495 06

This Dough Backpack is perfect for a rainy day. It comes with a selection of doughs, a rolling pin, shape cutters and a knife, so you’ll be making and moulding for hours of fun. Why don’t you make a Miffy mould?

  1. Read a book

Miffy's Playdate, £7,

After a busy day of playing, there’s nothing better then sitting down with a lovely Miffy book. There are a selection of titles to choose from including sticker books, activity books and stories perfect for winding down.


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