Growing poppies

Miffy loves growing pretty flowers in her garden and poppies are one of her favourites. Between March and May is the perfect time to plant them, so that they’re ready to bloom just before summer arrives. Do you want to come and help Miffy plant her poppies?


What you will need to grow poppies:

A pack of poppy seeds

A watering can

A spade/trowel

A sunny patch of soil in your garden



Step 1

Most poppies are easy to grow from seeds straight into your soil patch, and they like sunny areas the best. Gently rake through your soil patch to get ride of any weeds or lumps, to make a soft and cosy bed for your seeds.

miffy with spade

Step 2

Now mix your poppy seeds with some sand and sprinkle them across your soil patch. They need to be spaced out so that they’ve got lots of room to grow.

miffy sowing seeds

Step 3

Sprinkle some soil over the top of your seeds but don’t cover them up completely, and gently press it down. Give them a nice drink and leave them to grow. If they look a bit dry, give them another drink of water but be careful to not pour on too much. Then in about 30 days, some lovely red poppies should be poking their heads out. They’re going to look so beautiful!

miffy watering seeds


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