‘Miffy on Holiday’ exhibition

From the 8th July, see Dick Bruna’s iconic picture books come to life at the ‘Miffy on Holiday’ exhibition! This playful family exhibition hopes to help original fans rediscover the joy Miffy brought to their childhood plus introduce her to today’s toddlers and preschoolers. The Centre Ceramique, Maastricht, also doubles as the local public library, making it the perfect location to celebrate Dick Bruna’s timeless story books.

Miffy Cover

The ‘Miffy on Holiday’ exhibition isn’t just for older Miffy fans – little fans can discover Miffy’s house, meet the animals, crawl in her plane and take a nap in her yellow tent. A variety of workshops with Miffy are also available, ranging from dancing and colouring for little ones, to adult sessions exploring Dick Bruna’s artistic style.


The exhibition looks into Dick Bruna’s background: the challenges he faced while pursuing his dream of becoming an illustrator, where his inspiration for Miffy came from, which artists influences his work and the artistic elements behind his illustrations.   comp

There is also the chance to win a two night-stay in the unique Miffy room in Stayokay Utrecht, Dick Bruna’s home town, plus a visit to the Miffy Museum. Just take a photo or video during your visit to the exhibition and post it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #nijntjemaastricht.

The “Miffy on Holiday” exhibition opens on Saturday 7th July (15:00 – 16:00) with a performance of “nijntje op de fiets”, in Dutch, and will run from the 8th July to 14th October.

Address: Centre Ceramique – Kumulus – Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht

To find out more about the exhibition and competition, take a look here – https://www.centreceramique.nl/nijntje


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