Miffy’s New Year Resolutions

Miffy is planning her New Year’s resolutions ahead of New Years Day. Are you making any resolutions of your own for 2019?

  1. Read more books

Miffy wants to read more books in 2019, about her favourite people and their fun adventures. She especially loves story time with Mother Bun before bed, so why don’t you join her one evening for your own book club? You can find a selection of Miffy books HERE, all of which are perfect for helping little ones to improve their reading.

2. Grow more vegetables

This year Father Bun helped Miffy to grow some lovely carrots so, in 2019, Miffy wants to have her very own vegetable patch. She wants to grow some peas, tomatoes, strawberries and leeks, to then make a delicious birthday meal with. Why not create your own vegetable patch too? After you’re finished, you could read miffy’s garden with a nice cup of tea – get your copy HERE for £5.00.

3. Be more creative

Miffy loves art class and drawing pretty pictures, so in 2019 she wants to be extra creative. She’s going to create homemade birthday cards for all her friends, and paint extra special pictures for Mother Bun to put up in the house. Why don’t you get creative too, with a Tin Art Case for £20.00?

4. Do more baking

What could be better than eating a freshly baked cookie with a hot cup of tea, on a cold winter’s evening? Miffy loves baking with Aunt Alice – her favourite thing to make is carrot cake using the carrots she grew in her garden. In 2019, she wants to bake an even better cake for Aunt Alice’s birthday, to say thank you for all her baking help. What would you like to bake next year? Take a look HERE for some of Miffy’s favourite recipes.

Miffy hopes you have a lovely New Year with all your friends and family – she can’t wait to start her New Year’s resolutions once 1st January comes along!


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