Tips for having a sleepover

With Christmas a year away once again and the nights still long and dark, why not have some friends over for a sleepover to brighten up those cold January days. Miffy has many great ideas on how to host the perfect sleepover, so she’s gathered together all her best tips for you to have your very own!

  • If your sleepover is for a special occasion, why not put up some decorations and play some music for your guests to enjoy? There are lots of Miffy-themed decorations available HERE for the sweetest touch!
  • To make sure nobody gets bored, plan lots of activities and gather together all the bits and pieces you might need. Miffy just loves for her friends to share her tin art case, available HERE with plenty of colouring pens for every little hand to hold.
  • Sleepover snacks are the best! Whether it’s carrots and a dip or ice-cream, followed by hot chocolate with marshmallows in the evening, make sure your guests are well fed! You could even finish the sleepover with a flourish in the morning with Miffy Pancakes from Little Miss Bento’s Miffy Cookbook. The recipe is available HERE. Yum!
  • When you are worn out from all those activities it’s time to snuggle up in bed and tell each other some bed time stories. Miffy loves telling Melanie about all of her wonderful adventures! Read about them HERE.

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