Miffy Ski Resort – Japan

Did you know that Japan has its own Miffy Ski Park? At Katashina Kogen Ski Resort, you can spot Miffy on sign posts or as a snow sculpture and more – all throughout this winter wonderland!

Miffy’s ski slopes are the only ones in the Kanto region that are exclusively for skiers – no snowboards are allowed which is perfect for beginners and families with children.

If you want your children to learn skiing in Katashina, there are various lessons available. You can find the prices HERE.

If you want to go skiing yourself but have a toddler (2-4 years), they can play at the Miffy Ski School day care while you hit the slopes.

Adult lessons are available and, if you are advanced and are keen to improve your racing skills, you can take classes from the Olympic skier Tomii Takeshii.

If you don’t own the necessary equipment, you can get a complete rental set of skis, poles, boots, jacket and trousers or just a simple ski set (skis, poles & boots). Prices vary and can be found HERE.

There are several restaurants with hot meals to keep you warm. There is also a hostel, with guest houses that are situated close to Katashina Kogen. You can even rent a lodge and stay right in the middle of the ski park!

Katashina Kogen is open from 8:00 – 16:30 from December 22nd until April. For more information, click HERE.

Source: oze-travel.com


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