1st birthday party ideas

Your baby’s first birthday is a very exciting time and a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with new friends.

When organising a first birthday it’s important to think about timing and location. Does your little one like to nap in the afternoon? If so, consider a party which starts afterwards to avoid a sleepy birthday boy or girl.

Don’t be concerned about holding the birthday party at your house, as somewhere where your little one is happy and comfortable is perfect. If the sun comes out, a picnic in the garden is always a lovely idea.

Loud noises and bright lights can be a bit overwhelming for babies, so instead of the usual party games, why not put on a baby disco with nursery rhymes?

Your one-year old and the guests will have loads of fun with traditional nursery games like Row the Boat, Peek-a-boo and Incy Wincy Spider.

For decoration tips, have a look at Miffy’s tips on hosting a baby shower, where you can find some ideas. There are lots of delightful decorations, perfect for baby’s first birthday, including bunting, tableware and some adorable fairy lights.

A wooden Miffy letter for their bedroom door makes a thoughtful and inexpensive party favour which your little one’s friends can keep forever.


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