World Book Day

Did you know that Miffy was first created 65 years ago by Dick Bruna? She features in over 30 children’s books including ‘miffy at the gallery’, ‘miffy and the new baby’ and ‘miffy at school’.

On 5th March 2020, schools around the UK will take part in World Book Day celebrating authors, illustrators, books and, most importantly, reading. If your little one wants to join in, take a look at the Miffy library and pick out some exciting books about first experiences like visiting the zoo and staying at a friend’s house.

For older children, a new book showcasing the similarities and differences between Dick Bruna and Rembrandt’s work is available. ‘miffy x rembrandt’ celebrates the Year of Rembrandt and is a lovely way to introduce little ones into the art world.

Dress the part with our new Miffy dressing-up outfit which has just launched on the Miffy Shop! The costume is available in sizes 1-2yrs, 3-4yrs and 5-6yrs. It would also make a sweet Easter outfit.

Finally, there is a selection of fun Miffy bookmarks so that you don’t lose your page, and bookends to keep your stories lined up nice and neat. If you need a tote bag to carry your books around, there are many designs to choose from which all feature iconic Miffy illustrations, straight from the books.


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