Miffy Grows: Cabbages

Cabbages are a bunny’s second favourite food, just behind carrots of course! Today Miffy is going to plant some cabbages in her vegetable patch – would you like to help her out? It’s very easy when you know how and it won’t be long before Miffy can give them to Grandma Bun to make a lovely salad with. 

What you will need to grow cabbages: 

  • Summer cabbage seeds (for sowing in February/March) 
  • A watering can 
  • A rake 
  • A sunny, large and firm patch of soil 
  • A sharp knife 
  • Fertiliser (optional but recommended) 

Step 1 

Firstly, prepare your cabbage patch by carefully standing on the soil to firm it down. Then mark out rows about 15cm apart and 1cm deep with your rake. Pop your seeds in the rows, gently cover with soil and give them a nice drink of water. 

Step 2 

Now let your cabbages grow, making sure they’re nicely watered and popping a bit of fertiliser down if they need a helping hand. When they’ve grown to about 12cm tall, carefully trim the leaves to make sure all the plants have enough space to grow big and strong. 

Step 3 

Now for the best part, harvest time! Your cabbages should be ready roughly 70 days after you planted them, so be patient. You’ll know when they’re ready to be picked as the head of the cabbage will split open. 

Step 4 

To pick your cabbages, ask an adult to cut the head at its base with a sharp knife and remove any yellow leaves. Then bring your cabbages inside and pop them straight into a cool, dark cupboard to keep them fresh for longer. And there you have it – a delicious and nutritious vegetable fresh from your own garden, yum! 

Miffy loves gardening and keeping her garden looking pretty. Read all about Miffy’s gardening adventures in miffy’s garden. Purchase it HERE


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