Miffy x Strathberry

United in finding beauty through simplicity and clean lines, Strathberry has embarked on a limited-edition collaboration with Miffy for her 65th birthday! Hip, hip, hooray!

Miffy appears on iconic Strathberry silhouettes, and two signature colour palettes combine to create a playful range both inherently Strathberry and quintessentially Miffy.

The Dick Bruna ethos of simplicity and curiosity resonates with the Strathberry approach towards design, where powerful storytelling originates from recognisable shapes and colours.

Fans will be able to choose from a selection of handbags, mini bags and purses all adorned with simple yet stylish illustrations of Miffy.

Prices range from £135 to £525 – you can view the full collection, which launches on 21st June 2020, here: https://www.strathberry.com/


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