Miffy Grows Strawberries

Wouldn’t it be fun to pick your own strawberries instead of buying them from the shop? Miffy’s put together this handy guide so little ones can practice growing their own! 

  1. Pick the perfect spot for them in your garden. They need lots of sun, so a patio or balcony is a good idea.  
  1. Choose the right container for your fruit to grow in; a deepish pot- at least 20cm will be best – try and put it out of reach from slugs and other garden animals! You can use extra netting or fleece to protect your strawberries if you’re worried they might get eaten by something else before you do. 
  1. Strawberries need rich nutritious soil to grow in. They like lots of water but don’t like sitting in puddles so fill your container up with soil, making sure you have holes in the bottom for drainage. Strawberries need room to grow so leave about 30cm between plants – that’s a whole ruler length!  
  1. Once you’ve planted them and they have been watered, all you must do is wait – it’ll take about 4-6 weeks for fruit to grow and you’ll generally get around 1kg of fruit per plant. Yum! 

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