Design Challenge Winners

Miffy is pleased to announce the release of the ten winners of her Design Challenge!  

The challenge sought to set design students around the world the task of creating a Miffy soft toy with a new look, keeping sustainability in mind during the process. All of the Miffy soft toys are unique and each winner had a distinct inspiration behind their design.  

The designer behind the Life Giver Miffy turned Miffy inside out to make the audience think about how the well-known character came into existence. By simply turning the soft toy inside out, the designer exposes Miffy’s hollow eyes and the inner lining, giving the sweet little bunny a different look. 

Dungarees Miffy is wearing a fun patterned set of dungarees with a cardigan. The designer took inspiration from Matisse when creating the outfit as the print design is based on one of the artist’s famous works in the Rosary Chapel in France.   

Spacesuit Miffy is inspired by the movie ‘2011: A Space Odyssey’ – her bright red and orange space suit is a complex yet functional design, created to take Miffy into outer space. 

Explorer Miffy is ready to satisfy her curious nature, she is dressed in warm gloves and furs, inspired by the 1900’s Arctic Pole explorers. The designer wanted Miffy to be ready for survival.  

Super Hero Miffy is a bright and fun design that seeks to highlight the issues that face our environment today. Her quest is to educate and make the audience aware that they can make a difference through small actions such as planting trees or saving water.  

Village VS City Miffy combines the differing nature between rural and urban areas. The designer has used Dick Bruna’s original illustrations to reminisce about the world Miffy feels most comfortable in.    

Elementary Miffy was inspired by the form of primary colours and the simplicity that can be found in Dick Bruna’s illustrations. The designer intended to leave the rest to your imagination. 

Evolution Miffy shows the changes that Miffy has undergone in the last 65 years. Her t-shirt shows how her form has changed over the years, yet never going out of style. 

The name of Tenango Miffy refers to the colourful mosaic of hand-embroidered threads that are sewn into the soft toy. The embroidery symbolises how Miffy stories are inspired by Mexican culture. 

Finally, Evolution Gold is a striking golden Miffy with two smaller Miffy babies in a silver fabric. The shining colours on this soft toy symbolise the celebration of the 65th anniversary of Miffy and to show the versatility of Dick Bruna’s iconic creation.  

The entrants will now form a travelling exhibition of 82 Miffy soft toys – so look out as they may be visiting a gallery near you. 

Each iconic winner of Miffy’s Design Challenge can now be pre-ordered from the Miffy Shop:  

The Miffy Shop is holding a competition for the chance to win an Evolution Gold Miffy as well as your design printed onto a tote bag and postcards. To find out more or to enter, click here: 


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