Australian Exhibition

Miffy is celebrating her 65th birthday with a trip down under! A major exhibition is opening on the 21st November in Brisbane bringing the work of Dick Bruna to Australia for the first time.

The exhibition will explore the simplistic yet globally recognized nature of Dick Bruna’s work and how his art has inspired many other contemporary artists today.

Alongside Miffy, seven artists work will also feature including Stephen Bird, Sadie Chandler, Nadia Hernandez, Carla McRae, Nell, Brain Robinson and Vipoo Srivilasa. Each artist has found inspiration for their own artistic masterpieces from Dick Bruna – visit the exhibition and you will be able to draw comparisons yourself.

If you live in Australia, then hop on over to the QUT Art Museum for a delightful day of viewing the artists mastery! Viewing Dick Bruna’s art in person is a treat so having the opportunity to also view seven of the most talented Australian contemporary artists, means this exhibition is one you do not want to miss!


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