Spring Redecorating

Springtime means one thing for Miffy and her family… spring cleaning and decorating! If you are decorating your home this spring, Miffy has put together a list of the sweetest items to update your baby or toddler’s bedroom with.

If your little one’s bedroom is bright and colourful, here are some bold choices to adorn the room with…

1. Lion Bundle of Light Mini Night Light

Ward off any bad dreams with the most roar-some night light of them all! The lion night light exudes a soft, warm glow to help your little one nod off to sleep, then switches off after 15 minutes. The lion will look great on your child’s bedside table during the day too!

Purchase the Lion Bundle of Light Mini Night Light here – https://miffyshop.co.uk/collections/lighting/products/lion-bundle-of-light-mini-night-light

2. Miffy Floral Clock

Hanging an analogue clock in your child’s room will help them learn to tell the time; the bright design of this Miffy clock will make learning about the time much more exciting. It will also help them to get used to a time-based routine – maybe giving you a few extra minutes in bed in the morning!

Purchase the Miffy Floral Clock – https://miffyshop.co.uk/collections/childrens-clocks/products/miffy-floral-expression-pose-clock

3. Miffy at the Gallery Cushion

Your child will love recognising scenes from their favourite Miffy book in their room décor! This print from the ‘miffy at the gallery’ book will inspire their creativity and the cushion will look great on their bed or on a chair in their room. It’s soft to touch and made from faux suede!

Purchase the Miffy at the Gallery Cushion here – https://miffyshop.co.uk/collections/cushions/products/miffy-at-an-art-gallery-cushion-miffy015

4. Miffy Wooden Letter

Does your child know their ABCs? Help them learn the alphabet with these wooden letters featuring adorable illustrations of Miffy. You could spell out some words or hang their name on the door!

Purchase Miffy Wooden Letters here – https://miffyshop.co.uk/collections/home-decor

If your home is decorated with neutral tones, the following Miffy items will be perfect to decorate your child or toddler’s bedroom.

1. Papier Nursery Prints

Miffy will look adorable hung upon your little one’s wall – make it their own by personalising the print with their name! Your child will recognise their favourite bunny from the story books and it will inspire their creativity as they spend time in their room.

Purchase a Nursery Print from Papier here – https://www.papier.com/miffy-portrait-24409

2. Miffy First Light

Let Miffy help to light up the darkness as you and your little one read a bedtime story together or while your child nods off to sleep. The lamp is soft to touch and totally baby-proof! During the day, the Miffy first light sits upright on any surface and fits perfectly with any interior design. 

Purchase the Miffy First Light here – https://miffyshop.co.uk/collections/lighting/products/miffy-first-light

3. Miffy Toy Bag

Paper bags have never looked cuter with a bright white design featuring Miffy’s iconic eyes and mouth. Use the paper bag as a stylish laundry bag or even a storage sack for your little ones toys! Placing the bag in their room will encourage your child to take care of their space and tidy up their belongings – all while looking adorable!

Purchase the Miffy Toy Bag here – https://miffyshop.co.uk/collections/home-decor/products/miffy-paper-bag?variant=33139494092899

4. Miffy Book End (set of 2)

Is there a little bookworm in your home? Help keep your child’s books neat and tidy on their shelf with these Miffy book ends. The metallic bookends are shaped like Miffy’s silhouette, bringing a playful design to this stylish item.

Purchase the Miffy Book End (set of 2) here – https://miffyshop.co.uk/collections/home-decor/products/miffy-book-end-set-of-2


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