Keep Kids Occupied on Holiday

Miffy loves the summertime because she gets to go outdoors and play with her friends all day long! Mother and Father Bun are planning a staycation this year – which toys do you think Miffy should take on the trip?

Miffy Hide and Seek Game

Little ones will have too much fun playing hide and seek with Miffy! The set includes 24 location cards and Miffy will even call out clues when she has been hidden. Who will be the first player to find her? Infants can also enjoy the set by playing peek-a-boo – hide Miffy under a blanket and see if they can find her!

Purchase the Miffy Hide and Seek Game here –

Miffy Dress Up Costume

📸 Instagram user thelittleritchies

Packing for a summer holiday isn’t complete without a pretty, floral dress. Dress up like Miffy and have fun hopping around like the sweetest little bunny! You will be instantly recognisable as the classic children’s character with the iconic blue flowery print on your dress.

Purchase the Miffy Dress Up Costume here – 

Miffy Cross Stitch Hoop Kit

Introduce crafting newbies and experienced cross stitchers to the wholesome joy that this Cotton Clara kit will bring! Older Miffy fans will enjoy creating their own design using the hoop and other accessories that come with the kit. There are four different sets available – why not make all four!

Purchase the Miffy Cross Stitch Hoop Kits here –

Miffy’s Birthday Four-in-One Puzzle

Last year, Miffy celebrated her 65th birthday! To celebrate, she released this adorable puzzle with four of your favourite Miffy scenes. The fun, collectible puzzle is suitable for all children over the age of three and will be loved for many years!

Purchase the Miffy’s Birthday Four-in-One Puzzle here –

Miffy’s Treasury

If your little one is learning their ABCs, one Miffy book might not be enough for them to read! Miffy’s Treasury is a beautiful collection of five classic stories collated into one hardback book. Take the book on holiday with you and you’ll never get bored of bedtime stories!

Purchase Miffy’s Treasury here –


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