Planting Snowdrops

Snowdrops make any garden look magical! Miffy found out that snowdrops like to be planted when it’s cold outside, so she’s wrapped up warm ready to sow them today. Plant your own using her step-by-step guide and you can watch them grow together!

  1. Pick a spot with moist but well-drained soil somewhere under a tree or shrub. Miffy thinks that the shady side of your house would work well!
  2. Next, loosen the soil and add some compost. Then mix the soil until everything is blended together, with no large clumps.
  3. Pop the snowdrops in to the soil, making sure that the flat base of the bulb is facing down, otherwise it might not be able to grow!
  4. Set the bulbs 5 inches (13 cm) to base, with only a couple of inches (5 cm) of soil above the bulbs.
  5. Snowdrops grow better over time, but you will still get some small flowers by this spring. Be patient and you will soon have a full bloom of snowdrops!

Miffy is so excited for her snowdrops to grow! She will be sprinkling water over them when the weather is dry to give them the best chance of growing back each year. When the flowers have bloomed, you can pick a few of your snowdrops and pop them in a glass of water to decorate your house with!


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