Birthday Gifts

Miffy’s favourite day of the year is coming up on the 21st June… her birthday! If you have a loved one who has a summer birthday like Miffy, or if you’re stuck for gift ideas, read on to be inspired by Miffy’s list of amazing birthday gifts!

Extra-large Corduroy Miffy

This gift is perfect for the avid Miffy fan in your life. If they already love their Miffy toys and accessories, why not step it up by gifting them an adorable 50cm corduroy Miffy soft toy? Not only is it the perfect size for a cuddly toy, but its filling is made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

Buy it here –

Personalised Miffy Charm

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a special birthday, anniversary, or just want to surprise your jewellery-loving best friend, this personalised Miffy charm is for you. Engrave the pendant with their name, a special date, their zodiac sign or even their favourite motto!

Buy it here –

Miffy Phone Charger

Whether you’re buying for that one friend who always uses your phone charger, or someone who simply loves everything adorable, this pink multi-cabled charger is the perfect gift. Not only does it come with the cutest Miffy figurine, but it also features three retractable cables!

Buy it here –

Oven Dish

Miffy-shaped crumble, anyone?  The cooking fanatic in your life will love being gifted their very own Miffy oven dish – just be prepared to be served Miffy-shaped brownies next time you’re invited round.

Buy it here –

Wrapping Paper

Now you have plenty of gift ideas, it’s time to think about wrapping paper! If you want your gift to stick out from the rest, Miffy wrapping paper is sure to do the job.

Shop here –


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  1. Hi, gifts represent your personality to others, and recipients never forget the gift or the person who gave it to them. I am really thankful to you for providing such lovely birthday gift ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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