Stocking Filler Ideas

Can you name a better combo than Miffy and Christmas? Probably not! That’s why Miffy has put together the perfect gift ideas for your stocking, and they’re all under £20! It includes a mix of festive decorations, personalised Miffy merch, and a little something to get you ready for 2023. Miffy thinks it’s her greatest stocking gift list yet.

Miffy Wooden Letters

Miffy goes from A to Z! choose from a range of Dick Bruna’s classic colours, character poses, and letters. You can treat yourself to the whole alphabet or just those letters that mean the most to your loved one.

Buy it here –

Miffy Personalised Coasters

For that time of Christmas Day when you’re resting your feet, drinking a cup of hot chocolate, and watching your favourite Christmas films. The Miffy personalised coasters are perfect for adding that special touch to the end of the big day.

Buy it here –

Miffy Magnets

Stuck on what to get for your stocking fillers? Miffy’s positive this will do just the trick! The Miffy magnets are special because they not only do they brighten up a room, but also stick around for many more Christmases to come.

Buy it here –

Miffy Mini Lamp

Imagine waking up to find the cutest Mini Miffy Lamp in your stocking. It creates a lovely warm light to accompany the glow you feel waking up on Christmas morning.

Buy it here –

Glass Topper Decoration

Just to top the list off! It’s Miffy’s favourite party decoration. With these Miffy toppers, no one is going to putting their drink down! A personal touch for all those Miffy-themed Christmas parties you’ll be having!

Buy it here –

Miffy 2023 Calendar

Are you already thinking about 2023? So is Miffy! You might want to get this for your stocking, to keep note all the exciting things Miffy has coming up in the new year…

Buy it here –

Christmas by Dick Bruna

Unforgetting of who brought us Miffy, Dick Bruna’s ‘Christmas’ gives us the perfect introduction to the nativity story, accompanied by charming illustrations, and a new way to share the origins of Christmas.

Buy it here –


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