Christmas Traditions with Miffy

Being over 65 years old, Miffy has celebrated a lot of Christmases, and therefore loves tradition. That’s why she’s put together a list of her favourite Christmas traditions so you can enjoy the festivities the Miffy way!

Leaving out a carrot

Miffy loves carrots and although it’s quite hard not to take a bite out in the process, she loves leaving some out for the reindeers. Leaving a carrot out for them reenergises the reindeers so they can deliver everyone’s presents without getting tired… after all, flying across the whole world in one night can be quite exhausting.

New pyjamas

Miffy loves nothing more than receiving festive pyjamas to get cosy and enjoy her favourite Christmas films in. She loves Christmas pyjamas even more when she is matching with her friends.

Making up stockings

Miffy loves to give! And that’s no exception when putting together a stocking for her friends. Putting a stocking together for a friend or for a secret Santa is a perfect opportunity to show someone how well you know and love them. She loves them mostly as she knows lots of little gifts can amount to one big smile.

Making Christmas carrot cake  

Miffy is a big fan of carrot cake and the smell of festive home-baked goods. The smell of carrots and Christmas spices is one thing that’s sure to get her in the Christmas spirit early on into the festivities.

Decorating the tree

This has to be the best part of Christmas for everybody – Miffy included. Putting up and decorating a tree with family and friends is what it’s all about for Miffy – togetherness, celebration, and festivity. Miffy will be thinking of you when she’s putting hers up, and she hopes that you have the best Christmas ever.


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