Guess who?

Basic CMYK

 Miffy of course!

Miffyblog 2Welcome to Miffy’s new blog!

Have you met Miffy before?

First created in 1955, Miffy is a little white bunny from the storybooks by Dutch artist Dick Bruna.

Recognised worldwide for her simple silhouette and bold primary colours, Miffy is a classic character who enjoys typical childhood experiences, such as going to the zoo, playing in the playground and starting school. Such is Miffy’s universal appeal, the books are today translated into more than 50 languages and have sold over 85 million copies. Miffy celebrates her 60th anniversary around the world in 2015.

In the UK, you can experience the wonderful world of Miffy from baby to adulthood! The books are aimed at 2-5 year olds and have been recently updated for a modern British audience, but there is also merchandise for all ages, from baby and nursery toys and gifts, to posters and prints for Miffy-loving adults.

What will Miffy talk about on her blog?                          


Miffy’s blog will be packed with useful activities for parents and children to share together, as well as competitions, news and updates! Miffy has so many exciting things planned for the year ahead, and can’t wait to share them with you!

You can get to Miffy’s blog by typing www.miffyblogs.com into your URL bar. Why not save it to your favourites bar now that you’re here, so that you can come back whenever you want?

Make friends with Miffy!

Whether you’ve been friends with Miffy since childhood, or you’re still growing up and are just getting to know her now, there are all sorts of ways you can make friends with Miffy and keep in touch with her!

Like Miffy on Facebook www.facebook.com/miffyuk

Follow Miffy on Twitter www.twitter.com/miffy_uk

Follow Miffy on Instagram www.instagram.com/miffy_uk

Follow Miffy on Pinterest www.pinterest.com/miffyuk

Play games, download colouring sheets, e-cards and screensavers, or learn about Miffy and Dick Bruna’s other characters on www.miffy.com.


One comment

  1. Anne

    Hello Miffy, I love you! Nice to know that finally we now have a Miffy blog.


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