World Peace is Possible

Miffy believes that World Peace is Possible! Do you?

World Peace is Possible

Did you know that today (21st September) is World Peace Day?

Celebrated since 1982, this is a day where peace is promoted all around the world. The day sometimes even creates a temporary ceasefire in areas of conflict, allowing humanitarian aid workers an opportunity to provide much needed first aid and supplies.

World Peace is Possible is a foundation that wants to bring us one step closer to world peace. Miffy’s creator Dick Bruna designed the logo for World Peace is Possible. This logo is in his signature style and features a dove holding an olive branch in its beak.

World Peace is Possible advocates the idea that just by popularising the phrase “World Peace is Possible”, world peace itself becomes more likely, and that even just spreading the message is a step in the right direction, as more and more people will begin to really believe that world peace is possible. To support the foundation all you need to do is spread its positive message, whether through conversation, wearing a World Peace Is Possible T-Shirt, or perhaps even making a donation.

Dick Bruna believes that World Peace is Possible, do you?



  1. Yuka

    Wow, the day is my birthday 🙂


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