60 Seconds of Miffy

12 To celebrate Miffy’s 60th birthday, we have created a one minute film to showcase the most iconic Miffy illustrations from the last six decades. The project involved sifting through thousands of images to find and distil the very essence of Dick Bruna‚Äôs much loved icon.

You can watch the video below:

’60 Seconds of Miffy’ shows how Miffy has developed over time; at the beginning Bruna drew his character like a soft toy with floppy ears and unsymmetrical features, but quite soon he changed the shape making the body more human like, the head rounder, and the ears longer and pointed.13

Around 1970 Dick Bruna decided that Miffy would be a girl bunny, because he preferred drawing dresses to trousers. Doesn’t she look lovely in this flowery dress?


Over the subsequent decades, Miffy’s silhouette and features have become more rounded and softer, although the stark contrast of Bruna’s bold lines against a white or coloured background remains constant.15

Loved by children and parents worldwide, Dick Bruna’s little white bunny, Miffy, celebrates her 60th birthday on 21st June 2015.


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