Miffy Potato Stamp

Miffy loves arts and crafts, especially painting. Every day, she can’t wait to get home from school and try making something new. Aunt Alice taught Miffy to make a potato stamp, to use to print pretty patterns on a card. If you like the sound of doing this, here is how to make a Miffy Potato Stamp:

What you’ll need to get started:

A potato

A knife Scissors

White paper

A pen

A paintbrush

Black paint

An apron

A spoon


First of all, you’ll need to go with an adult to the shops and buy some baking potatoes – the biggest you can find! If you want to make a smaller stamp then look for smaller potatoes. Step 1 As soon as you get home, don’t forget to put your Miffy apron on – just in case something spills! The next thing to do is to ask an adult to help you cut your potato in half so that one side is flat, using a sharp knife. This is going to be Miffy’s face! Step 2 Now you will need to get a sheet of white paper and use a pen to draw the outline of Miffy’s eyes and mouth – get a parent to help you cut these shapes out very neatly with scissors. Once you’ve cut the eyes and mouth out, place them on to the potato. You will need to cut around these, so make sure they have neat edges! Step 3 Next, get a parent to help you cut around the shapes using a spoon, so that the eyes and mouth are raised. Don’t forget to leave Miffy’s eyes and mouth standing tall because these will be your stamp! Step 4 Now it’s time to give your Miffy some colour! Aunt Alice chose black but you can paint Miffy in your favourite colour. Put some black paint carefully onto the end of your paintbrush and brush this onto Miffy’s eyes and mouth. Don’t worry if you get any on the other parts of the potato – only the raised parts will come out on the paper. Step 5 Finally, place a sheet of paper on the table and pick up your Miffy potato stamp, making sure that the skin of the potato is facing you. Slowly place the stamp onto your piece of paper and hold it down for at least five seconds! After five seconds, lift off your potato stamp very carefully and your Miffy will be revealed! Step 6 Wasn’t that fun! Why not experiment with other shapes too!


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