Easter Goody Bags

Easter Bag - Sarah Yewman (2)What could be better than Easter with Miffy?

Miffy just loves Easter and eating delicious goodies. And here is someone who loves the occasion just as much as her – Sarah Yewman who made this gorgeous little Miffy bag, perfect for carrying around your Easter eggs.
Here’s how you can make your own:
Step 1

Draw Miffy’s face very carefully on to some white fabric. Then get a ruler to measure 1cm around her face and ask a grown up to help you cut around the outline. Do this twice, once for the front and once for the back of your Miffy bag.

Easter Bag - Sarah Yewman (6)

Step 2

If you want your Miffy outline to be brighter, use special cotton to sew her features onto the fabric. This is quite tricky, so you’ll need an adult to help you with the sewing needle and thread.

Easter Bag - Sarah Yewman (7)

Step 3

Ask a grown-up to sew the two pieces together by sewing the outline of the face only – remember not to sew the ears.

Easter Bag - Sarah Yewman (8)

Step 4

Once you have sewn around the face outline, you can sew the ears separately but be really careful not to sew the two pieces of fabric together. Then fill your Miffy bag with your favourite Easter treat and tie a ribbon around Miffy’s ears to keep the treats safely inside.

Yum! The perfect Easter treat!

Easter Bag - Sarah Yewman (4)


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