New Miffy Books

Did you know that the classic Miffy books, queen miffy and miffy at the playground, have been republished and are now available in all good bookshops? Miffy is also releasing two brand new lift-the-flap books, just in time for Easter.

queen miffy

In this royal tale, Miffy dreams she is the Queen – such a lovely thought! She would be a very kind and special queen, loved by all her subjects. What a pity it is just a dream…117_queen_miffy_Bezug_SimonSchuster.indd

miffy at the playground

In this updated version of miffy at the playground, Father and Mother Bunny take Miffy to the playground. Miffy plays on the swings, and hangs from the rings and the high bar. Then they all have a glass of fruit juice. On the way home Miffy falls asleep in the car.


miffy look and see

With peep-through holes to guess what comes next, your child can guess who Miffy sees through her camera, picture frame and more! The sturdy board pages and rounded corners are perfect for little hands, encouraging imagination and helping children to practise dexterity and fine motor skills.


miffy and the royal baby

Celebrate the arrival of the new royal baby with this charming Miffy lift-the-flap book! What is the best gift for a royal baby? Help Queen Miffy on her search for the perfect present by lifting the large lift-the-flaps.

Miffy_ROYAL baby_CVR

queen miffy and miffy at the playground are priced at £4.99. ‘Miffy Look and See’ and ‘Miffy and the Royal Baby’ are priced at £5.99. All of the books above are now available from Waterstones and all good UK bookshops.


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  1. I use to love Miffy books when I was younger. Thank you for this post 🙂


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