Miffy Bento

1When Miffygoes to school, she loves having a packed lunch!

Jenny, from The Gingerbread House, loves making packed lunches so she made her very own Miffy bento snacks.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your Miffy treats:
Miffy cutter
Miffy egg mould
Lunch box

Here’s what you’ll need to fill your Miffy bento box:
Miffy fairy bread
Carrot flowers
Miffy egg
Mini sausages
Cucumber sticks
Miffy biscuits
Edible sprinkles2

First of all you need to make special Miffy fairy bread. You do this by cutting out a Miffy shape from one piece of bread using your Miffy cutter. Then fill your Miffy with your favourite edible sprinkles. Put another piece of bread on top – like you would a jam sandwich – to keep the sprinkles all in place. Doesn’t Miffy look colourful?3

Next, why not make some carrot flowers, like the one in Mummy Bunny’s garden? They won’t smell as good but they will taste great! You could also use your Miffy egg mould to make the perfect egg – make sure it’s cooked the whole way through though.


Jenny used a plastic egg to hold some colourful blueberries, and added some mini sausages, cucumber sticks and the Miffy bread cut-outs to her bento box. You can include anything you like to eat – the tastier, the better.


Jenny even made some delicious Miffy biscuits – yum!

We’d love to see photos of your Miffy bento box!



  1. Thanks for sharing our Miffy bento lunch!


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  3. Thank you for sharinng


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