Miffy Art Parade

Neendje by Florentijn Hofman

nijntje by Richard Hutten by Richard Hutten

The Carrousel of the White Silence by Lita Cabellut










An art parade celebrating 60 years of Miffy the bunny goes on display in Miffy’s home country of the Netherlands, and also in Japan, from 1 May 2015. 60 statues measuring 1.8 metres have been decorated by a variety of artists from those countries. In contrast to the usual tight control kept over reproductions of Dick Bruna’s global icon, the artists were given free reign to create their own interpretation of the character.


Gothic by Hans van Bentem Gouden nijntje by Marte Röling

Als de blaadjes vallen by Joost Swarte










The resulting collection of eclectic and dynamic statues reflects a wide range of artistic influences, including elements of Dutch culture such as the ‘Royal Delft’ statue by De Koninklijke. More avant garde designs include Wendelien Daan’s photograph-covered Miffy (‘Miffy transformer’), Hans van Bentem’s intimidating ‘Gothic’ bunny and Carli Hermès’ gold ‘Sunshine’ Miffy. Among the 60 artists is Dick Bruna’s daughter, Madelon Bruna.

Heading towards a suspicious showdown by Bas KostersColorful Rebellion - Harajuku Miffy by Sebastian Masudanijntje maakt een wandeling in een met de hand gemaakte wortelbloes by Makoto Oozu









The influences of the designs run the full spectrum, from Sebastian Masuda’s ‘Colourful Rebellion’ inspired by Harajuku in Tokyo, to Bas Kosters’ ‘Heading towards a suspicious showdown’ inspired by Leslie Charteris’ Saint novels.

hakoirimusume by Makoto KoizumiWallflower by Emilio KruithofLearning with Miffy by Bunpei Yorifuji







Fashion is a key theme within many of the designs, with several of the artists choosing to focus on the attire of their Miffy statue, including a carrot-themed dress from Makoto Oozu, a knitted cardigan from Kesennuma Knitting Co., and a gold charm chain accessory from Studio Job.

Het spook nijntje by Kenjiro Sano Small Miffy by Tsuneo Goda

Volendammer nijntje by Harmen van Straaten









The materials used on the statues are varied too, from Makoto Koizumi’s wooden ‘hakoirimusume’ Miffy to Kodue Hibino’s fabric collage bunny (‘piece by peace’).

Artist Wendelien Daan comments: ‘I see Miffy as an abstract. Like a letter or a triangle or a circle. You can do what you like with it, but it’s still a circle. Or, in this case, it’s still Miffy’, and the distinctive shape of the statues stands true to this mantra.

Butterflies by Studio Piet Boon Paper Miffy by Mattijs van Bergen

Lara Barrymore as Miffy by Inez and Vinoodh









Ever since the books first appeared in Japan in the early 1960s, Miffy has remained hugely popular – her simple silhouette chiming with the country’s love of minimalism. Several of the artists have chosen to explore this minimalist theme including Rob Scholte with his ying & yang-style statue entitled ‘Grijs’, Kenjiro Sano with his ghost-esque Miffy, aptly named ‘Het spook nijntje’, Atsuki Kikuchi with his ‘Spatial Miffy’ featuring bold primary shapes & colours, and finally Richard Hutten with his simple, one-eared ‘nijntje’.

nijntje voor kinderen door kinderen by Mart Visser

Miffy with Kesennuma hand-knitted outfit by Kesennuma Knitting and Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun


nijntje in twee dimensies by Shin Sobue









On display until 30 September, 45 statues can be seen in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague. 15 will accompany a travelling exhibition in Japan. The statues will be auctioned in October in support of UNICEF.

For information about the artists, and merchandise please visit: http://www.miffyartparade.Mr. Manhattan by Selwyn SenatoriMiffy on the Job by Studio JobMidzomernacht by Mark JanssenMiffy Hug by Max KismanIk voel me zo ... by Mies van HoutMade in Holland by Philip HopmanDe feestjurk by Piet ParisDiamonddust by The People of the LabyrinthsUnder my skin by Raphaël HermansTwinkle, twinkle, little star - six suns make my day by Rik van IerselGrijs by Rob ScholteWho am I by Rotraut Susanne BernerSpinijntje by Saskia PfaeltzerEye Spy by Thé Tjong-KhingEntrance by Toshiyuki Fukudanijntjes appartement by tupera tuperaMiffy transformer by Wendelien DaancBlue Miffy by Hugo Kaagmanoma nijn by Charlotte Dematonsom

Flora by Annette Fienieg Sunshine by Carli Hermès Snippets by Chantal Spitnijntjes bloemen by Madelon Brunanijntje in jurk by Makoto KagoshimaLa Muze by Ingrid en Dieter SchubertMiffy for peace by Irma BoomMijn prachtige liefde by Jackie SleperDick Pluis, een ijzeren formule by Jacques TangeInside of Miffy by Jo NagasakaNIJNTJE by Jurriaan van HallCanto Ostinato by Klaas GubbelsRoyal Delft Miffy by De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles Royal Delftpiece of peace by Kodue HibinoSuperguppie xx nijntje by Fleur van der Weel nijntjes vogeltjes by Harrie Geelen Miffy Bear and Horned Owl by Atsuhiko Misawa Spatial Miffy by Atsuki Kikuchi Honeybun by Barbara WijnveldEquilibrio Iconico by Joseph Klibansky



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  1. I want to see this so much, I’m going to try to get to the one in Kobe in August…


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