Make a Miffy

1It’s the summer holidays and Aunt Alice is busy making all different things at the craft table with Miffy. Today, she’s making something extra special to give Miffy – a mini Miffy!

What you need to make Miffy:
Fluffy fabric
Polyester stuffing


1. Cut out 2 circles of fluffy fur fabric – 1 should be 11cm diameter (for the body) and one should be 9cm diameter (for the head)

2. Sew a gathered stitch around the inside edge of the circle – be careful not to nip your fingers

3. Gather up the circle by carefully pulling the thread

4. Now you can fill this with little bits of polyester, stuffing until it is nice and fluffy, just like Miffy! Pull the gathering tightly to keep the fluff in, and then secure with some fix stitches and knots. Cut off any extra thread… we don’t want Miffy to have an extra tail!

5. Repeat for both bits of fur fabric so that you have two nice fluffy balls. Miffy’s going to love this!

6. Now place the smaller piece on top of the bigger piece, with the gathered sides touching and secure them together with some neat invisible stitches


7. Cut out some felt ears and stitch the ears on top of the head. Now cut out a cute bunny face and glue the little face in place as carefully as you can and leave to dry


Make sure to glue and stitch all pieces securely before giving to your little Miffy!



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