Miffy Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

1Miffy’s recent 60th birthday celebrations in her home country of the Netherlands included a special appearance at the Down the Rabbit Hole Festival, a three day event in the southern province of Gelderland, from 26-28 June.

Aimed at teens and young adults, Down the Rabbit Hole won Best New European Festival in its first year in 2014. With its distinctive arty feel, the festival was the perfect platform to portray Miffy’s iconic design to a native audience already deeply familiar with the little bunny character as an intrinsic part of their early childhood.

A 5-metre high blow-up Miffy was kept hidden underground during each day of the festival. At night, much to the delight of festival-goers, she slowly emerged, was inflated, and then illuminated with colourful projected artwork – creating what looked like a giant, funky night-light. As campers went to bed, they couldn’t help but be filled with warm, happy childhood memories of Miffy, seen now in a new, creatively beautiful light.






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