Merry Miffymas – gifts for children


‘miffy in the snow’ book, Waterstones, RRP £4.99

Miffy loves Christmas! She likes to wrap up warm in her snug woolly hat and wellies and go outside to make snowmen. Did you see the snowman that she made in miffy in the snow (£4.99)?33093 Miffy stacking cubes towers

Miffy Stacking Blocks, Argos, RRP £19.99

When it gets too chilly, Miffy comes inside and sits with Aunt Alice next to the fire – not too close, though! She plays with her Stacking Blocks (£19.99) for hours on end, building the tallest tower she can. When it tumbles down, she just starts again!

Miffy Word Book

Miffy Word Book, Waterstones, RRP £5.99

After lunch, she sits down with Mummy Bunny who reads a Word Book (£5.99) to her. Miffy tries her hardest to remember all of the long words but it’s hard when she is so excited about Christmas Day!



Miffy Shape Sorter, Argos, RRP £17.99

With all of the new words that Miffy learns, she writes a letter to Santa, with a Shape Sorter (£17.99) at the top of her wish list.MFNIJN5091-DENIM

Denim Miffy,, RRP £20

When she starts to get sleepy, Miffy settles down with her cuddly Miffy Plush (£20), falls fast asleep, and dreams of Christmas Day!


Christmas with Miffy

Christmas with Miffy sticker book, Waterstones, RRP £5.99

When it’s time to wake up, Miffy can’t wait to get downstairs to decorate the Christmas tree! You can decorate your own Christmas tree in ‘christmas with miffy’ (£5.99).


Where can I buy Miffy Christmas gifts?
Miffy books are available from Waterstones and all good bookshops. You can visit the Miffy Shop,, for cute Miffy gifts including aprons, puzzles and tote bags.

And don’t forget to prepare yourself for the year ahead with a beautiful Miffy calendar.

Miffy Calendar

Miffy 2016 Calendar, Amazon and Tate Modern, RRP £9.99


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