Merry Miffymas – gifts for adults

25Miffy Christmas Jumper,, RRP £39.99

Calling all snow bunnies! To get you in the Christmas spirit, retro clothing company ‘Truffle Shuffle’ has released an exclusive Miffy ‘Snow Bunny’ Christmas Jumper (£39.99).

MIFFY016 (1)

Miffy Cushion,, RRP £40

There’s no better way to wake up on Christmas day than with your head on a snuggly Miffy Cushion (£40)! There is a selection of illustrated cushions available.

Miffy Tote

Miffy Tote Bag,, RRP £8

Whether it’s to give to your little one to carry their books to and from school, or it’s for you to carry your bits and bobs around, this effortlessly simple bag (£8) will ‘totes’ add a sophisticated cuteness to your outfit.


Miffy Cushion,, RRP £34

Acclaimed crafter Jane Foster has made a limited edition set of handmade Miffy Cushions (£34) using vintage and retro fabrics, just in time for Christmas – there’s only one left so hurry!


Miffy Coasters,, RRP £3

Perfect for looking after mulled wine or cranberry juice, these Miffy Coasters (£3) are a great little gift for a friend… if you don’t end up keeping them for yourself!


Where can I buy Miffy Christmas gifts?
Miffy books – both classic hardback storybooks and colouring activity and sticker books – are available from Waterstones and all good bookshops. You can visit the Miffy Shop, , for cute Miffy gifts including aprons, puzzles, and tote bags.
And don’t forget to prepare yourself for the year ahead with a beautiful Miffy calendar.

Miffy Calendar

Miffy 2016 Calendar, Amazon and Tate Modern, £9.99


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