Growing Sunflowers


Miffy loves planting seeds in the garden during half-term. Do you want to come and help Miffy sow her first sunflower seed?

Miffy’s sunflower will take about 8 weeks to grow and flower which is just enough time for it to get big and strong.


What you will need to grow a sunflower:

a plastic cup


garden sunflower seeds

a watering can

a flowerpot



Because seeds start off as tiny little things, they don’t need to go outside just yet. So, first of all, put some damp soil in the cup and fill it almost to the top.


Poke your finger into the soil to make a hole for your sunflower seed to sleep in; cover it with a little soil, just like a blanket, and spray some water on top.

miffy watering seeds


Sunflowers like lots of light, so put the cup on a sunny windowsill where your seed can look out into the garden. You could plant extra seeds in more cups too if you like, so that your sunflower isn’t too lonely! Make sure to keep checking your flower(s) every day and spray it with a little water when the soil feels dry.


After 1-2 weeks, you should start seeing your plant popping up through the soil. That’s it, I can see yours already! It looks like it’s going to grow up big and strong!


When your plant grows too big for the cup, move it outside into a bigger flowerpot. Make sure that it’s in a sunny spot so that it doesn’t catch a cold!

Sun flowers


It should take around 8 weeks for your sunflower to be nearly as tall as the sky – why don’t you measure it to see how big it has grown?



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