Miffy’s Adventures on Tiny Pop

Throughout January, you can watch Miffy’s Adventures: Big and Small from 12pm every weekend on Tiny Pop – available on the following: Freeview (126), Sky (617) Virgin Media (737) and Freesat (605).

From growing her first sunflower to making real magic, Miffy has all sorts of fun adventures in the latest episodes. Here’s a guide for this weekend:


7th January 2017

Miffy and the Puddles, 12pm

Miffy can’t play outdoors because it’s raining, but she finds she can play all her favourite games inside anyway, plus now she can play jumping in puddles!

Miffy and the Dragon, 12.20pm

Uncle Pilot’s told Miffy her surprise present is ‘something to do with dragons’. She thinks it’s a dragon egg and sets about trying to hatch it; fortunately, it’s actually a delicious dragon fruit!

Miffy and the Bird, 12.40pm

On a snowy day Miffy tries to help a bird by bringing him inside. Mummy teaches her that birds don’t belong in people’s houses, so Miffy makes the bird a house of his own.

Miffy the Farmer, 1pm

When Miffy wants to be a farmer, the real farmer gives her a single seed to take care of. It’s not easy being patient with it, but she sticks to it and grows her first sunflower.

Miffy and the Tennis Match, 1.20pm

Miffy and Melanie don’t want Snuffy spoiling their game of tennis, tennis isn’t a game for dogs! But when they lose the ball, they’re happy for Snuffy’s help – finding balls IS a game for dogs!


Miffy the Fairy, 1.40pm

Miffy mistakes a stick for a magic wand and tries to do fairy magic; wanting to cheer her up, Melanie and Grunty conspire to make her think it is working.

Grunty the Ballerina, 2pm

Miffy and Melanie are having a ballet lesson. Grunty wants to play, and the others try to teach her some steps without much success – but Grunty’s stompy dance is so much fun she ends up teaching it to everyone!

Miffy and the Leaves, 2.20pm

A windy day sends leaves flying everywhere. Miffy has fun both tidying them up and chasing after them – and helps finish Aunt Alice’s painting along the way!

Miffy’s Camping Adventure, 2.40pm

Miffy isn’t sure about camping overnight in Poppy’s back-garden tent, especially when scary shadows appear at night. But it’s only Snuffy come to join in the outdoor adventure!


8th January 2017

Miffy’s Go-Kart, 12pm

Grunty is rude to new boy Dan when she thinks he’s got a broken go-cart. But once it snows, it’s Grunty and Miffy’s go-cart that’s useless, and they bond over a ride on Dan’s sledge.

Boris’s Big Bouquet, 12.20pm

Barbara wants Boris to make up to her with a bunch of flowers, but flowers make Boris sneeze! Miffy helps him out, giving him the idea to make a bunch of flowers out of wood.

Miffy’s Toy Boat, 12.40pm

Miffy finds a toy boat at her Grandparent’s house. It belonged to Daddy as a boy, and Grandpa before him. They all sail it together – and then they sail on Grandpa’s NEW boat!

Miffy’s Umbrella, 1pm

Miffy insists on taking her new umbrella everywhere even though it’s a sunny day. But an umbrella can be surprisingly useful, if you put your mind to it…


Miffy and the Squeak, 1.20pm

Miffy can’t help making embarrassing squeaking noises in class – it turns out her chair is squeaky. Just the thing for making a noise like a mouse for the school song!

Miffy goes Bowling, 1.40pm

When Grunty shows an unexpected knack for bowling, Melanie gets huffy. Miffy teaches her that everyone’s good at different things, and it’s better to learn from them than spite them.

Miffy at the Beach, 2pm

Miffy tries to make a sandcastle on the beach, but it keeps falling apart. Disappointed that Melanie’s sandcastle is much better, Miffy collects shells instead – and they turn out to be the perfect thing to decorate Melanie’s – now their – sandcastle.

Miffy and the Clouds, 2.20pm

Miffy goes cloud-watching with Grandma. They have fun spotting different shapes, then Miffy is convinced that one shaped like Snuffy wants to them to follow her. Come on Grandma, get moving!

Boris is Broken, 2.40pm

Boris has, inevitably, fallen out of a tree and broken his arm. Miffy’s not at all sure she wants to see ‘Broken Boris’ in the hospital – but when a doctor needs an assistant, ‘Doctor Miffy’ rises to the challenge.



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