Tips for Reading


Story time is one of Miffy’s favourite activities. She loves choosing one of her books and snuggling up with Mother Bun to listen to the story while looking at the pictures as Mother Bun reads. It’s the best time of day for Miffy!

To get the most out of reading with your child, here are some top tips:

1.It helps to have a regular slot for story time so it becomes part of your child’s daily routine. Before bed is ideal. This will ease them to sleep and gives you a shared moment together – just you, them and the story.

2.Children can get fidgety and easily distracted. Make sure the book has their full attention by removing any noisy or flashy items from the room – turn the television off!miffy-at-table-desk-reading-book3.Let your little one hold and handle the book and turn the pages. That way they will feel more involved in the activity and will have much more fun! Lift-the-flap books are perfect for this.

4.Don’t just read the words on the page. Make it more exciting and engaging. Talk about the book and its pictures even if you think your child doesn’t understand; this will help keep their attention.


5.Sometimes, children like to read the same book many times over. This is a sign that they enjoy it. If your child chooses the same book every night, let them!

6.Make reading fun for both you and your child. If you’re the one reading the story, put on silly voices and use actions to help bring the story to life.


7.When your child reads, make sure you give them plenty of praise. They need to know what they have done well.

8.Help them when needed, but be patient. Let them sound out the word and break it down into manageable pieces before you offer any advice or give them the answer. Mo-th-er Bu-nny… perfect!

9.Having a bookshelf brimming with books is fun but don’t forget to visit your local library. There’s a whole world of new books for your child to discover there.

Do you enjoy reading bedtime stories with your child? Take a look at the classic children’s Miffy books by Dick Bruna:

miffy and mother bunny



  1. Great tips. Reading with children is so important, especially at a young age.


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