Miffy is Naughty!

Miffy is excited to announce the launch of two new books: ‘miffy is naughty’ and ‘miffy goes to stay’.

Published in the UK for the first time this August, the new storybooks will be available to purchase from Waterstones and all good bookshops for £4.99 from 28th August.

First written in 2008, ‘miffy is naughty’ sees Miffy out shopping with Mother Bunny when she succumbs to temptation in the sweet shop. After a sleepless night, wracked by guilt, Miffy confesses what she has done to Mother Bunny who takes her back to the shop to put things right. Miffy will never do anything like that ever again.

 Miffy sleeps over

Also published this August is ‘miffy goes to stay’ which sees Miffy enjoying a universal childhood experience – a playdate followed by a sleepover with a friend.

View the full Miffy book range on Waterstones HERE.


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