Products for starting school

Miffy loves going to school and seeing all of her friends. It’s so much fun to learn about new things every day!

Here are some of the best Miffy products to excite your child about starting school:

  1. miffy at school’ book


£4.99, The Miffy Shop

miffy at school’ is the perfect introduction to a little one about to start their first school (or nursery adventure). Your child can join Miffy at school, where she learns to draw, write, read and sing, encouraging positivity about starting school for the first time.

  1. A5 project notebook & stationery set

                           £7.99, Five Little Diamonds             £5.99, Five Little Diamonds

Get organised with these stationery sets, which are perfect for a little one who is about to start school.

The A5 Project Notebook has tabs to keep work separate as well as a compact and stylish design, perfect for small hands.

The Miffy Deluxe Stationery Set is a great kit for drawing and colouring fun; it’s a wonderful idea for a gift or a rainy-day activity to get kids creative.

  1. Keyrings

£5, The Miffy Shop

Choose from a selection of cute keyrings to attach to your school bag! Your little one can carry Miffy wherever they go with these sweet companions – they’ll always have a friend by their side.

  1. Personalised P.E. bag

Miffy bag

£14.99, Gift Moments

Children can carry their PE kit or extra bits and bobs in this personalised Miffy bag. They’ll never get it mixed up with a friend’s either – as it’ll have their name on!


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